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All our products are adaptable to every market demand and customer’s requirement. Our company has attention to details and build up a politics according to its value. From the raw material to the final design, we can provide you customized services and match with you specifications. We control all the production process that enables us to offer a perfect and supervised OEM service.
♧The raw material: We provide from very professional suppliers selected from a broad range of candidate. But if you’ve already choose a suppliers you prefer for a specific product, we’ll arrange the production so that it’s your raw material that is manufactured.
 Thickness:The choice of thickness of raw material like polyethylene, polypropylene and non-woven is a matter of price and efficiency. The forewarned customer will measure its own balance.
♧ Size and weight:The size and weight depends on the physiognomy of the population and determine the absorbency level. In order to adapt to every case of incontinence, our production managers perform accurately your preference.
♧ Product option:From a market to another the requirement can be far different. It’s often a matter of costs. Our standard product “NATEEN” fits with European market and European requirements. Several options can be removed or added like: leak guard, ADL (Acquisition and Distribution Layer), Cotton Like Film (or PE film), removable sticker, Frontal tape, side tape (glue or Velcro), …
 Packing : The bags of our standard product are 7.5 micron and contain relatively normal number of pieces. It’s obvious that you can choose the quantity in a bag but you can also choose the size and place of the tear line, the model of handler (European or Chinese), the design or transparency. Smaller bags can also be packed in bigger plastic bags or cartons (matter of volume in the container). 
 Design:We work with different design companies and we have our own designers. If you plan to create your own packaging we can provide you very good design service specialized in packaging and with European sense to detail. They will understand your vision and your need to create a suitable artwork.
 Import and Export: We have an Import and Export department that facilitate and integrate the export service (all INCO terms). You can buy our product with fully integrated service and get the product up to your warehouse.
Added service is an extra cost but the best one in the market. We ensure to our customer the most suitable product at the best price.
MOQ : 1 container 40HQ for one product (Quantity in 1 container depends on the specification of the product, check NATEEN specifications to get a broad idea).
Production lead-time : Between 15 to 25 days to start the production, then 3 days per container.
Port : Xiamen, China.
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