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Core values:
Customer is always right, never say “NO” to customer
  -Customer is first: Be with them sincerely
  -Customers are friends: You get what you paid
  -Customers are parents: love customers, respect them, do what they do not do and moved them.
Be responsible, responsibility is more important than ability, and responsibility is the opportunity
Responsibility is the first rule of a good employee: do what I should be doing strictly perform a post operation standards and specifications
A win-win situation: 
  -hand in hand with employees to achieve a win-win situation;
  -to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers;
  -to achieve win-win cooperation with partners; 
  -to achieve harmonious and win-win target with the community
Enterprise mission:
Internal: Regard employees as a valuable asset, fully respecting the rights and interests of employees, providing a platform for all employees to display their talents and ambitions ,and letting the staff grow up and share the achievement of development together with the enterprise.
External: Understanding the needs of the world, setting an ideal setting an modern enterprises image to meet social demands, set foot on long-term development of disposal personal care industry, take customer and customers’ demands as our value-orientation.
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