E-PLUS Large
Super Absorbent Diapers for Travel
  Material:  Non-woven + Fluff plup + SAP + Tissue +PE film
  Tape:  Abrazine PP frontal tape + PP side tapes
  Backsheet:  Special Micro embossing PE film
  Sample time:  2-10 days as per the design
  Production time:  10-35 days

1. Cottony surface, with acquisition distribution layer for quickly absorbed.

2. High absorbency core, made of SAP(super absorbency polymer), tissue and fluff pulp.

3. 80% materials are imported from Europe, SAP from Japan/Germany, fluff pulp from USA.

4. New design special micro embossing PE film back sheet, good tough felling and soft breathable.

5. 3 lines of wetness indicators, convenient for nursing.

6. Unique adhesive tape can be refastened as many times as necessary.

7. Soft stretch elastics in leak guard and leg cuff ensure a close and comfortable fit. 
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