SOFT Small
 Light Incontinence Adult Diapers SOFT Small

1. Soft high quality non-woven top sheet white diapers with ADL, offering rapid absorption and excellent retention for improved dryness
2. Leakage guard design with a soft leg edge to prevent side leakage and

protects user's skin more effectively.
3. Extended Abrazine frontal tape, ideal for big waist size people; Adhesive side tapes, can be stick for many times.

4. Special micro embossing PE film backsheet keeps users from possible skin problems.
5. 3 lines of wetness indicators fades out when diaper gets wet, convenient for nursing.
6. Printed frontal tape, PE or magic side tape allows to repeat usage until fit well.
Multi-functional for different users:

   a.  Patients staying in bed for a long time, the aged unable to move freely

   b.  Women who gave birth to babies a while ago; 

   c.  Those who have frequent or urgent urination but can’t go to toilet in time in case of travel

   d.  Those with mobility disability and those who have to stay in bed after the operation

   e.  Women who have lots of menstruation in period or have much uterine bleeding out of priod

8. Several sizes low price white diapers with colorful package for your selection. 
 SizeAbsorbency/ml Waist Size/cm 
 S>720 65 - 105cm 
 M>960 95 - 120cm 
 L>1200 115 - 150cm 
 XL>1300 130 - 175cm 
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